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5 Local, In-Demand Career Education Jobs You Can Get with a JJC Degree

Posted by Sam Ritz on Oct 16, 2017 9:03:56 AM

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Thinking about your future career? Consider career education. These jobs are on the rise in the Joliet region, and we've compiled a list of the most in-demand positions you can obtain with only an associate degree. Check them out below!

Click here to see a list of JJC career education offerings, such as welding, hospitality management and culinary arts.

All information was pulled from the EMSI data set for the Joliet region. 

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1. EMTs/Paramedics
Average Earnings: $24.82/hour
Job Growth:
 22 percent projected increase from 2017-2022
JJC Program of Study: Emergency Medical Services
JJC Department Chair: Duane Stonich, dstonich@jjc.edu

EMTs/paramedics respond to emergencies, perform CPR, first aid and bandage wounds. They transport patients in an ambulance to the nearest hospital emergency department. EMTs/paramedics need to be quick on their feet and perform well in stressful situations. 


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2. Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses
Average Earnings: $23.44/hour

Job Growth: 14 percent projected increase from 2017-2022
JJC Program of Study: Nursing
JJC Department Chair: Mary Beth Luna, mluna@jjc.edu

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) check their patients' vital signs, educate them about their conditions and assist doctors in providing medical care. LPNs need to be extremely determined, detail-oriented and compassionate.


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3. Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics
Average Earnings: $21.79/hour 
Job Growth:
 11 percent projected increase from 2017-2022
JJC Program of Study: Automotive Service Technology
JJC Program Coordinator: Jim Coleman, jicolema@jjc.edu

Auto service technicians identify and fix auto problems, test auto parts to make sure they perform properly and complete other tasks such as oil changes. Auto service technicians need to be good with their hands and have a knack for detail.


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4. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians 
Average Earnings: $20.45/hour
Job Growth:
 11 percent projected increase from 2017-2022
JJC Program of Study: Health Information Management
JJC Program Coordinator: Deb Gaskin, dgaskin@jjc.edu

Health information technicians process, maintain, code and categorize patient records among other duties. Health information technicians must be well-organized and thorough.


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5. Computer User Support Specialists
Average Earnings: $25.04/hour
Job Growth:
 10 percent projected increase from 2017-2022
JJC Program of Study: Computer Information and Office Systems
JJC Adviser: Pam Dunn, padunn@jjc.edu

Computer user support specialists help individuals and organizations with computer software and equipment by answering questions or resolving technical issues on site. Computer user support specialists need to be excellent observers and communicators. 


Want to know more? 
Check out a complete list of career education jobs you can obtain with a JJC degree. Not sure what you want to study? Make an appointment with a career counselor at the Career Services Center on Main Campus or at our Romeoville Campus. Visit jjc.edu/careers, email careers@jjc.edu or call (815) 280-2756.


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