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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About the First Community College

Posted by Scott Harvey on Apr 18, 2022 8:45:00 AM

CCMonth quiz on JJC

April is Community College Month, and an opportunity for colleges across the country to celebrate how we’re serving our students. As the nation’s first public community college, Joliet Junior College is proud of its standing within higher education, and the ways that we’ve driven student success throughout our 120-year history. So how much do you know about JJC? Let’s find out!

1. What Year Was JJC Founded? 

JJC Main Campus history sign black and white B

In this year, America's first public community college began as an experimental postgraduate high school program. JJC was the "brain child" of J. Stanley Brown, superintendent of Joliet Township High School, and William Rainey Harper, president of the University of Chicago.

  • A. 1900
  • B. 1901
  • C. 1920

Answer: Listed at bottom

2. Where Was JJC Originally Located? 

Sterling Book - High School

The very first JJC classes took place here and would continue for decades before JJC fully transitioned to its own facility. Main Campus began offering classes in 1969 on the west side of Joliet, 1215 Houbolt Rd.

  • A. Shorewood
  • B. Joliet Township High School   
  • C. The site of the Louis Joliet Mall

Answer: Listed at bottom

3. How Many Total Campuses Does JJC Have?

Romeoville entrance

Since establishing its Main Campus location, the college has seen considerable physical change. It’s also led to the opening of multiple extended campuses to provide even more opportunities for students.

  • A. 1
  • B. 4                      
  • C. 6

Answer: Listed at bottom

4. Who Was the First Female to Become JJC President? 


Upon her appointment, this person started what would become 16 straight years of excellent leadership from female presidents.

  • A. Dr. Gena Proulx
  • B. Dr. Judy Mitchell
  • C. Dr. Debra Daniels

Answer: Listed at bottom

5. Approximately How Much Scholarship Money Did the JJC Foundation Award to Students in 2021?  

2021 Scholarship students - Blog

Thanks to the generous support of community members and employees, the JJC Foundation continues to grow its scholarship offerings. 2021 marked another high mark in gifts, and more benefits for students.

  • A. $500,000
  • B. About $700,000
  • C. Over $800,000

Answer: Listed at bottom

6. Main Campus Sits Along Houbolt Road, Named After Famous JJC Alumni Dr. John C. Houbolt. What Was His Occupation? 

Dr. Houbolt - NASA

He was such an influential figure that the City of Joliet held a “John Houbolt Day’ in 1969. He was also a speaker at the Main Campus dedication ceremony a few years later.

  • A. Medical doctor
  • B. College professor
  • C. Aerospace engineer

Answer: Listed at bottom

7. JJC's Main Campus is on a Forest Preserve, Full of Natural Beauty, Wildlife and Nature Trails. How Many Miles of Unpaved Trails Are There on Campus? 

students walking outside

You’re sure to spot some deer along your walk! A great place to stroll when taking a break from your studies, or for community members to enjoy at their leisure.

  • A. 1 mile
  • B. 2 miles
  • C. 4 miles

Answer: Listed at bottom

8. What Year Did the Student Newspaper, The Blazer, Premier?  

The Blazer - 2017

An award-winning publication through the years, this student-run newspaper can be found on newsstands throughout campus.

  • A. 1901
  • B. 1929
  • C. 1967

Answer: Listed at bottom


You didn’t peek did you? Here are your answers:

  1.  JJC was founded in B. 1901
  2.  JJC was originally located in B. Joliet Township High School
  3.  JJC has C. 6 total campuses
  4.  JJC's first female president was A. Dr. Gena Proulx
  5.  The JJC Foundation awarded C. Over $800,000 in 2021
  6.  Dr. John C. Houbolt was a C. Aerospace engineer for NASA, famous for his support of the lunar orbit rendezvous, technology that helped land humans on the Moon and return them safely to Earth.
  7.  There are B. 2 miles of unpaved trails at JJC's Main Campus, plus another nearly 3 miles of paved trails. 
  8.  The Blazer premiered in B. 1929

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