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JJC Students Speak Out About Online Learning During Pandemic

Posted by Katie Newberry on May 11, 2020 8:03:00 AM

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After their classes were transferred to an online only format, JJC students, and students across the nation, were forced to adapt to a learning style that many were not used to. Even during these difficult times our students have proved their willingness to learn and shared messages of positivity with our community.  

Keep reading to see what our students have to say! 

1. Savanna Rusch






Savanna is a nursing student who can’t wait to join the nurses on the front lines caring for those who have COVID-19. What’s motivating her to work hard is her passion for the field and knowing she’ll being saving so many lives once she graduates.   


2. David Lozano







This is David’s first year at JJC. Prior to the pandemic, David was involved in many student activities across campus, including Student Government. Now he’s able to participate in those same activities virtually thanks to the work of the Office of Student Activities.  


3. Margarita Reyes







Margarita is a first-generation student that was worried about taking online classes because she didn’t have anyone at home that could help her. Soon after classes resumed online, Margarita knew that her professors were there to support her along the way.  


4. Ian Wilkinson







Transferring a hands-on program like agriculture to an online format isn’t easy. Luckily for Ian, he can attend calls with his peers for study sessions that help each other better learn the material.  


5. Sarah Goff







Sarah is another nursing student that can’t wait to join the other nurses on the front lines. She thought that online classes would be difficult, being used to having face-to-face connections with her instructors and classmates. After learning online for a few weeks, she’s adjusted well to the new normal. Sarah wants everyone to know that we are all in this together and that we’ll get through this together! 


6. Dontae Crowder







Dontae, new Student Trustee and psychology major, wants his classmates to know that it is important to reach out to their instructors if they need help. He also says it’s important to have people to talk to when you need it, whether that’s a friend, family member or a club.  


We're here for you!

Don't forget that you can access student services through the MyJJC Portal. Financial Aid, Career Services, the Student Advising Center and more are here to help you navigate during this time. If you have any questions about current operations, view our COVID-19 FAQs

Read about how the JJC community is making the most of this time at home on our website.


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