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What You Can Learn About JJC By Taking the Virtual Tour

Posted by Katie Newberry on May 25, 2020 8:08:00 AM

Virtual Tour

JJC has six campuses and education centers that serve more than 27,000 students each year. With that many students and our abundance of degree and certificate programs, there's a lot of space to exploreWhile in-person tours are currently unavailable for prospective students amid the COVID-19 pandemic, visits to campus can take place virtually 

Get to know our campus now so you’ll know what it’ll be like in-person later. Explore some key areas and services within our building tours below, and picture yourself at JJC!  


1. The Layout of Campus 







There are more than 15 buildings on JJC’s Main Campus and each building houses something different. You’ll learn where student support offices, the Tutoring and Learning Center, the University Center and many other departments are located. You will also get to see the great outdoor study spots and historical buildings we have here 


2. Where to Go When You Have Questions 







JJC has numerous student support services that are here to help students through their college journey. The virtual tour will show you where to go for questions about registration, financial aid, advising and more. There is also information about utilizing Career Services and the University Center for planning your future after JJC.  


3. Activities on Campus 







When you aren’t in class or studying, there are plenty of activities happening on campus. JJC’s Office of Student Activities hosts events like Welcome Week, karaoke, magicians and oversees student clubs. Project Achieve/TRIO and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs also have events for students of all backgrounds and cultures.  

JJC has many opportunities for students to meet new people and have fun throughout the school year.  


4. Programs that JJC Offers 







Get a glimpse of some of the programs that JJC offers by going through the virtual tour. You’ll see state-of-the-art lab spaces for programs like culinary arts, nursing, automotive, fire science and more. Many programs are equipped with industry equipment that offers students proper hands-on training.  


You can find more virtual tour videos on JJC’s website or YouTube channel 


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