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6 Strange (But Useful) Ways to Prepare for Finals

Posted by Sam Sottosanto on Dec 5, 2016 8:23:00 AM
Sam Sottosanto

6 strange but useful ways to prepare for finals banner  jjc joliet junior college
Ahhh, the sweet relief of the end of the semester. Pretty soon you'll be on break, enjoying well deserved time off. 

But it's not over yet - and you still have to make it through final exams! To help out, here's a fun list below - you may be surprised to discover how well you can pull off some of these strange (but useful!) study tips.

1. Speak your notes out loud
You are more likely remember something if you speak it out loud. So, first make sure you're in a space where you're not going to disturb anyone and then have at it - start reciting your notes!

6 strange but useful ways to prepare for finals banner speak your notes out loud winnie the pooh  jjc joliet junior college

2. Laugh
According to science, laughing is good for your brain! Find a way to incorporate humor into your study sessions, and you'll be equally as happy when you get your grades back.

6 strange but useful ways to prepare for finals banner laugh seal meme  jjc joliet junior college

3. Eat nuts, apples, pumpkin seeds or dark chocolate. And drink water!
These items are only a few examples of the types of "brain food" you can munch on while you study or right before you take the test. Others include blueberries, salmon, avocados and broccoli. Drinking water also helps boost your mental performance, according to this study.


4. Watch YouTube Videos
Wish there was a more entertaining way to study? Visit YouTube and search for videos on your subject matter. With more than 300,000 new videos being downloaded each day on average, you're more than likely to find what you're looking for.

5. Listen to classical music
Did you know that listening to classical music while you study has a positive impact on your brain? It's called the Mozart Effect, and it not only can improve your test score, but it can relieve stress and reduce anxiety, too. 

Not sure which piece of classical music to listen to? Click here for suggestions!

6 strange but useful ways to prepare for finals listen to classical musical the club can't even handel me right now  jjc joliet junior college


6. Chew gum or spray perfume
Here's an interesting fact: If you chew a piece of gum (a different flavor than what you're used to) while you study, and then chew that same flavor during your test, you're more likely to remember what you studied. Don't have any gum? Spray a strong scented perfume or body spray while you study and then do the same during your test - that will also do the trick! 



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