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Online Success: How Students Can Navigate Remote Learning

Posted by Scott Harvey on Jul 13, 2020 8:13:00 AM

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Joliet Junior College faculty and staff are committed to ensuring students have the right resources to succeed. In the months since JJC switched to online learning and remote services amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot has been learned on how to best work and learn from home. We shared many of our professor’s unique remote teaching methods in a previous blog.

Fall classes at JJC begin Aug. 17, with lecture classes online and face-to-face labs if the state remains in Phase 4 of its Restore Illinois plan. Whether you’re already enrolled for the fall semester or still considering your options, know that remote learning will continue to be common for some time. Consider these tips from JJC faculty and students to get the most out of the online learning experience.

1. An Online Mindset

Mike B 2Treat online or hybrid courses as seriously as you would your traditional courses. | Mike Brncick (pictured) - Orthotics and Prosthetics Professor



2. Set Goals & Stick to Them

Nour with students BRemind yourself of your goals and why you are enrolled in that class. You can reach any goal you have for yourself. The only person that is stopping you from reaching your goals is you. | Nour Al-Naber (pictured) - Business Professor


3. Use Digital Calendars

Your phone’s calendar is your friend. Use it to note tasks and due dates. Setup notifications so you’re getting reminders at the times you need them. | Maggie Cade (pictured) - Student


4. Set Aside a Work Space

blank screen laptop computer and smart phone and digital tablet and stylus pen is on wooden desk as workplace conceptIf at all possible, set aside an area where you can have a quiet place with a desk and chair so you can develop the "feel" of a classroom environment.  Consider that area as your classroom. | Brncick



5. Stay Connected

IMG_1720Check your school emails and online class dashboard every day. Make it a habit as if you were checking your social media accounts. | Al-Naber



6. Keep Pace

Jim RevisStick to the schedule set by the instructor.  It is very easy to fall behind and stay behind.  Playing catch-up all semester can be difficult and frustrating. | Jim Revis (pictured) – Business Professor



7. Ways to Contact Professor

Whether through email, sending messages through classroom dashboard, or by video chat, be sure you have a direct way to quickly and easily connect with your professor throughout the semester. | Dontae Crowder (pictured) – Student


8. Don’t Hesitate to Contact Professor

Support Concept. Button on Modern Computer Keyboard with Word Contact Us on It.I cannot tell you the number of emails I have received from students that start off with "sorry to bother you." It is not a bother, and besides that we get paid to serve you. | Revis



9. Identify Times to Complete Course Work

Magnifying Glass with Time Management Written Arround Icon of Clock Face on Old Paper with Red Vertical Line Background. Business Concept.Let family and friends know that this time is no different than if you were away from home and on campus. Let them know you should not be disturbed except for emergencies, just like at school. | Brncick



10. Need a Break? Take One

White cup of coffee against chalkboard with piece of chalkIt’s not uncommon to get a bit frustrated or overwhelmed with school work. Take a 15-minute break to regroup. | Cade




11. Have a Communication Outlet

Fall reg for blogStay in touch with friends, other classmates, or student clubs so you have someone to reach out to for assistance or simply to say hello. | Crowder



12. Keep Your Fog Lights On

Patty Z Facebook BUse your tremendous creativity, intellect, and improvisation to cut through the fog and be a beacon for one another. This is one of the great strengths of community colleges and JJC in particular. If ever there were a time for lighting the way, this sure seems like it. Do it to the best of your abilities, and know that everyone else in the fog is doing it too. | Patty Zuccarello - Dean of Career and Technical Education




Ready to tackle online learning at JJC? 

Fall classes start Aug. 17. Learn more and begin the enrollment or registration process at Questions about other college operations during the pandemic? Visit

Take control of your future this fall at Joliet Junior College. Your College. Your Journey. 


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