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15 JJC Certificates You Can Earn in One Year or Less

Posted by Sam Sottosanto on Mar 19, 2018 8:05:00 AM
Sam Sottosanto

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Did you know that you can earn a JJC certificate in as little as four to 50 college credits?

In fact, if you plan it right, you can complete many of JJC's certificate programs in one year or less. Certificates are a great way to get your feet wet if you're interested in an area of study. Plus, many students who earn certificates start working in their field immediately. Below, we've listed 15 JJC certificates that you can complete in one year or less.

Want to know more about JJC's 180+ degree and certificate programs? See the complete list.

1. Phlebotomy Technician

Disclaimer: JJC's phlebotomy program is now associated with the Corporate and Community Services office.
This program will prepare you for a career as a phlebotomy technician. At the end of the program, you can choose to take the phlebotomy technician certification exam through the
American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

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2. EMT Basic

14 semester hours
After earning this certificate, you can successfully obtain IDPH EMT-Basic licensure. This program exceeds the requirements of the National EMS Education Standards.

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3. Basic Welding

12 semester hours
By learning industry-related terminology, processes and methods, you can begin a career in the welding industry when you complete this certificate.

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4. Entrepreneurship 

18 semester hours 
Thinking about starting your own business? This certificate, which can be earned entirely online, will teach you how to operate and maintain your own business ventures. You'll develop a background in accounting, management and business strategies.

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5. Hotel Management

18 semester hours
This certificate will prepare you for a supervisor position in the lodging industry. You'll learn management skills, food and beverage area controls, customer service and law. 

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6. Automotive Engine Performance Specialist

19 semester hours
Learn about automotive service and repair in JJC's state-of-the-art facility using modern equipment and technology. 

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7. iPhone Programming
21 semester hours
Learn how to design, code and test iPhone/iPod touch applications. You'll also interact with Web API like Facebook and Twitter in addition to local database interaction.

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8. Food Preparation

22 semester hours
Learn the basics of food preparation. You can also participate in special gourmet events and activities. JJC culinary students continually come out on top in competitions against some of the best programs in America.

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9. Architectural Technology

22 semester hours
The entry level skills you'll learn in this program will help you begin a profession in the industry as an architectural draftsperson. 

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10. Mechanical Production Technology Machine Tool Metalworking

23 semester hours 
Learn manufacturing skills such as: production machining, maintenance machining, precision machining, die making and mold making. Many students obtain desirable positions with these skills.

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11. Music Technology

26 semester hours
Thinking about a career as a sound engineer, music educator, audio operator, sound editor, composer, or small music recording business owner? This certificate will introduce you to computers in music notation, digital media transfer and music education.

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12. Library Technical Assistant

26 semester hours
This certificate program will train you to become a library technical assistant (LTA). You'll learn how to use library resources, handle interlibrary loans and more. 

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13. Horticulture Floral Design 

28 semester hours required
After completing this program, you can work in the floral design industry. Get a job freelancing, at a retail floral shop or a grocery store. 

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14. Infant Toddler Educator

30 semester hours
This certificate will prepare you for a career as a caregiver and educator within infant, toddler and two year old settings. 

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15. Personal Trainer

32 semester hours
Enroll in this certificate program to become a certified personal trainer. Personal trainers work to assess, instruct and motivate individuals and groups in exercise activities including cardiovascular training, resistance exercise, flexibility and core training.

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