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Why You Should Know About JJC's Flex Start Classes

Posted by Sam Sottosanto on Jan 28, 2019 8:02:00 AM
Sam Sottosanto

why you should know about JJC's flex start classes joliet junior college

Have you heard of flex start classes? Formerly labeled as "late start," JJC's flex start classes allow you to begin your course after the semester start date. They have a shorter duration than a regular, 16-week class and usually last between eight to 14 weeks. You can register for them at any time - even weeks after the semester has started.

Here are a few things we think you should know about these flexible classes: 

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1. Flex start classes are still open.

Remaining flex start classes begin the week of Feb. 11 and the week of March 18. Check out a list here to view offerings. 


flex start it's about you joliet junior college
2. Flex start classes were designed to benefit YOU. 

Did you miss the registration period for the beginning of the semester? Maybe you dropped a class after realizing it wasn't what you expected and now you're behind on credits - or you couldn't afford to take a class a few weeks ago, but now you can. No big deal! Just sign up for a flex start class and start later this semester. 

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3. Many flex start classes are available online or as a hybrid.

We want to make your education as convenient as possible, so if you want to take a class, but you don't want to come to campus everyday, you can choose an online or hybrid version.


Get Started Today
If you're not a student yet, you can fill out our free JJC application here. Then, visit MyJJC with your new username and password to register for a flex start class.

Questions? Contact the JJC Admissions office at (815) 729-9020 or email



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