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6 Ways Emojis Sum Up Life at JJC

Posted by Sam Ritz on Jan 17, 2017 7:58:53 AM


Emojis have taken the world by storm! Did you know that in 2015, the Oxford Dictionary even chose an emoji (😂 ) instead of a word for their annual Word of the Year designation?

With emojis getting a lot of attention lately because of their ability to describe feelings (😃 or â˜¹ï¸ ) or let's be honest - basically anything (like🍕 or ðŸˆ ) - we wanted to share the top six emojis that best describe life at JJC.


1. Choosing a major
Yep - we've found emojis that work for each of our departments here at JJC! Can you guess which field of study each emoji stands for? 

ag_hort_2.jpg  ag_hort_1.jpg business.jpg culinary4.jpg ems_fire1.jpg ems_fire2.jpg emoji1067.jpeg cios.jpg allied_health.jpg vet_tech_1.jpg eng_world_2.jpgeng_world_1.jpg technical_2.jpg fine_arts1.jpg fine_arts2.jpg fine_arts_4.jpg math.jpg nat_sci_phy_ed_2.jpg nat_sci_phy_ed_1.jpg social_behav_sci.jpg  


2. Walking down C-Concourse
With its signature display of flags from countries across the world, these emjois perfectly describe your daily walk through C-Concourse.



3. Passing the bridge during karaoke
Student karaoke is a staple on campus, and many of our students are exceptionally talented! 

 mic_check_emoji.jpg       clap_hands.jpgclap_hands.jpgclap_hands.jpg


4. Greeting your favorite professor
Who else geeks out when they see their favorite professor walking down the hall?



5. Cramming for a test or important exam
We've all been there.

stack of books.png notebook.png  writing hand.png

5. When all your hard work has paid off
There's no better feeling than walking across that graduation stage!

raising hands.png   grad cap1.png  racing flag.png


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