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6 Ways to Unwind and Relieve Stress

Posted by Sam Sottosanto on Mar 27, 2017 8:24:05 AM
Sam Sottosanto

6 ways to unwind and relieve stress 

You've got three projects from different classes all due in the same week, two eight-hour shifts at work this weekend, and your family won't stop bugging you about why you're still single.

We've all been there: the moment when our stress level starts to feel unmanageable. So, if you're feeling a little stressed out today, we've outlined six ways you can unwind and relax below. 

1. Use aromatherapy
The idea may sound a little preposterous - that scents can actually have an affect on our moods - but according to this study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, a group of high school students' stress levels were found to be significantly lower when they had aromatherapy treatments. Scents best for stress relief include lavendar, lemon, rose and even the smell of coffee.


2. Meditate
Take a few minutes out of your day to breathe deeply and clear your mind using meditation. Meditation is great because it not only relieves stress, but according to WebMD, it also decreases anxiety and improves your cardiovascular health. If you're a beginner, check out a few of these YouTube videos.



3. Practice yoga or get some exercise
According to Mayo Clinic, yoga and exercise can boost your mood by increasing self-confidence, decreasing anxiety symptoms and improving sleep. 



 4. Laugh
A natural endorphin-producer, laughter can improve your immune system and decrease your stress level at the same time. It has even been hypothesized that if you laugh often enough, it adds years to your life. So, find a funny movie, a YouTube video featuring one of your favorite comedians, or spend time with your friends laughing about old times - it's good for your health! 



 5. Spend time with pets
Did you know that just being around your pet can decrease your blood pressure? Spending time with your furry friends can even improve your cardiovascular health, according to this study conducted by the University of Buffalo.



6. Practice the arts 
Even if you think you're bad at it, one study demonstrates that expressing yourself through art is a great tool for stress relief. Whether you're drawing, coloring, painting or sculpting, 45 minutes is suggested for optimal benefits. 




Need additional help managing your stress?

Visit JJC's Office of Holistic Wellness (D-1016) to learn about the resources we offer.
Visit the webpage here.
Phone: (815) 280-2202

Need someone to talk to? Visit JJC's Mental Health Services Office to make an appointment.
Phone: (815) 280-2308


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