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10 Tips for First Time Adult Students

Posted by Sam Sottosanto on Jul 31, 2017 8:37:00 AM
Sam Sottosanto

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We get it. Coming back to school as an adult is a little nerve-wracking - but it's totally worth it, especially if you're studying for something you're passionate about or working toward a career that will help make a better life for you and your family.

JJC is the perfect choice for adult students not only because it's one of the most affordable options out there (check our tuition rates here), but also because it offers flexible schedules (evening/weekend classes; online and hybrid options), and multiple campus locations (Joliet, City Center, Romeoville, Morris).

Planning on attending JJC as an adult student this fall? Check out ten tips for success below.

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1. Take advantage of JJC's student resources, such as free tutoring.
As a JJC student, you'll have access to an abundance of free resources - from tutoring to counseling, transfer advising and more. Check out our blog on free JJC resources here.


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2. Don't be afraid to take an online or hybrid class.
Never taken an online class? Try a hybrid course first! Hybrid courses are a combination of in-person classroom work and online classes. Both online and hybrid courses are great options for those who need some flexibility in their schedule

Did you know that you can earn certain JJC degrees and certificates entirely online? Click here to learn more.


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3. Get a support system.
Whether it's your family, friends, one of your fellow classmates, or even a JJC counselor - if someone is in your corner rooting for you, it's easier to achieve success.


4. Remember that you belong - you are a big part of the JJC family!
Did you know that 25 percent of JJC students are age 25 or older? It can be hard to remember that if you've ever been in a classroom of just 18-and-19-year-olds. Want to meet other adult students? Attend one of our adult student lunch bunches, hosted by the Office of Student Activities. Free lunch provided.


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5. Don't underestimate yourself.
Don't let the fact that you haven't stepped into a classroom in a while break your confidence. Remember, even if you are struggling, there are resources out there to help you, such as the Tutoring and Learning Center (which is open in the morning, afternoon and evenings).


6. Have a positive attitude.
According to research reported by The Huffington Post, having a positive attitude creates more possibilities in your life, opens you up to more opportunities, and makes it easier for you to build your skill set. Remember: your attitude can have an affect on your work.


7. When the going gets rough, keep going.
It's overwhelming to juggle a full-time job, your family and school. When things get rough, remember that JJC is helping you work toward a better future. Just keep going.


8. Communicate with your professors.
If you're going through a crisis and can't get your homework done in time, make sure you communicate this with your professors. Some may be more understanding than others, but one thing's true for all of them: they are on your side and want you to excel. 

9. Don't compare your progress with others.
Everybody is on their own journey, with their own individual gains and losses. It's irrelevant to compare yourself to others, and achieving your degree or certificate isn't a competition.


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10. Look forward.
Day-to-day, it's hard to keep the bigger picture in mind. Remember - this is only your beginning. Great things are coming down the line. Graduation will be here before you know it - and every bit of work you do up until that point is only one small step in the timeline of achieving the career of your dreams. 

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