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Five Things To Do During Your First Week at JJC

Posted by Michelle Nagy on Jul 30, 2015 2:55:00 PM
Michelle Nagy


1. Tour the Campus

Take a walk and familiarize yourself with your new home for the next two years. Did you know JJC has a specialty coffee shop, a fitness center with Xbox compatible stationary bikes, or a full-functioning planetarium? If you’re pressed for time while on-campus, take the Google virtual tour, and ‘walk’ the building from the comfort of your home.

2. Find your "Study Spot"

We get it. You walk through the door after a day of classes and Netflix, Facebook or video games are literally call your name. Instead, try finding a quiet spot on campus where you can do your work BEFORE you head home - like the library, U-building corridor or patio area. You’ll minimize your distractions and eliminate that ‘I really should be doing my homework’ feeling when you leave.

3. Get a Feel For Your Classes

Feel it out to see if you selected the right classes for you. Courses like math, English and science are taught at many different levels. Make sure you haven’t signed up for a class that’s too hard (or too easy) based on your prior level of education. If you're feeling unsure about any course selections, make an appointment with the counseling department by calling (815) 280-2673 or visit room A-1155 on Main Campus.

4. Introduce Yourself to Your Instructors

Your grades are in their hands…literally. Introducing yourself will help you establish a relationship with your instructors – and set you apart from your classmates. That connection may also help you down the line if you need extra help with the subject or a specific assignment.

5. Get Your Books (Yes, You'll Actually Need Them)

Whether you’re buying, borrowing or renting, make sure you get all your required books for your classes. The bookstore on main campus is a great place to start, and they’re guaranteed to have the books you need. If you’re watching your budget, conside renting from thier wide selection of books (translation: you’ll save up to 50% on select titles.) Stop by their location on main campus or visit

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