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Guess the JJC Location

Posted by Sam Sottosanto on Sep 17, 2018 8:08:00 AM
Sam Sottosanto

guess the jjc location banner

How well do you know JJC's campus? Put your knowledge to the test below! See if you can guess where these close-up (or strategically cropped) pictures are located. Answers are revealed at the bottom.

Have fun!   

Location #1
c concourse close up

Location #2
event center close up-2

Location #3

Health Professions Center close up

Location #4

library close up 2

Location #5

lavu close up

Location #6

fine arts theatre close up

Location #7

romeoville lobby close up 

Location #8

3cafeteria beanery close up copy


Location #9
bridge mural close up


Location #10
1bookstore close up


Location #1: The C-Concourse
Location #2: Doors outside the JJC Event Center
Location #3: Health Professions Center Hallway
Location #4: JJC Library
Location #5: Lavu (culinary kiosk) at City Center
Location #6: JJC Fine Arts Theatre
Location #7: Romeoville Campus Lobby
Location #8: The Beanery
Location #9: The Bridge (the mural)
Location: #10: JJC Bookstore on Main Campus


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