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Early Years of JJC’s Night School: 4 Fascinating Facts

Posted by Scott Harvey on Jun 14, 2021 8:07:00 AM

Library archives - Night school Banner

Night school is a hallmark of community colleges, offering students and the community the convenience of furthering educational goals with flexible scheduling. JJC’s Evening College flourished before and after World War II. The interesting history of JJC’s night school program during this challenging time period is reminiscent of the adjustments the college has made over the past year to accommodate students during COVID-19.

JJC’s adaptability and commitment to providing educational opportunities can be explored in the From the Archives article, featured in the spring 2021 issue of JJC’s Connections Magazine.

Bell Tower - Flurries Oct 2020-1Schedule Supported Troops

At the start of World War II, more than half of JJC’s students joined the armed forces and local war efforts, which made the flexibility of night school essential.

1961 homemaking classIncluded Dance Classes

Adult education classes for personal growth included homemaking topics, wood carving, and square dancing.


Ammunition factory workers ElwoodEnrollment Bump From GI Bill

The GI Bill of Rights passed in 1944 and provided educational benefits to veterans, which increased enrollment in JJC’s night school program.

1950 world today seriesHosted Lecture Series

“The World Today” was a community series which hosted lectures, films and panel discussions from leading scholars in the country. Renowned anthropologist Margaret Meade spoke at the college in 1954.


So what about classes these days? 

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