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5 Ways College Has Changed You (For the Better)

Posted by Sam Sottosanto on Apr 29, 2019 8:02:00 AM
Sam Sottosanto

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From the late nights studying to the research papers, class projects and final exams - we know college isn't easy. But even though you've been through a lot this year, know that this experience has ultimately impacted you positively - and it may have even changed you for the better.

Can you identify with these five things below?

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1. College has helped you become self-aware. 

In college, you get to explore YOUR interests. You've gotten to take classes that are more relevant to what you want to do with your life - and this has contributed to you getting to know yourself better. Embrace this new self-awareness and make a commitment to develop it further as you go along! 

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2. College has made you more responsible.
Because college classes are less structured, it's up to you seek help if you need it. And if you're paying for college on your own, this has no doubt made you more mindful of how well you do in class. Responsibility is good - it means you're becoming a better person!

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3. College has helped you shape your independence.
Even if you're still living at home, if you've ever had to make a decision about your future (from choosing a major to the classes you want to take to student activities that you join), you've gained independence. Independence can boost confidence, decrease stress and help you go after what you really want.

the goal is to win
4. College has given you a reason to have concrete goals.

Sure, you probably had goals in high school, but in college your mindset changes. Your GPA and the student activities you're involved in matters more because it's what you're going to put on your resume. Having more concrete goals to work toward can help with motivation, confidence and ultimately, your achievement.

5. College has made you smarter. 
Just think about everything you've learned since you got here! And this is only step one. Keep moving forward in your field and you'll eventually become an expert. Be proud of how far you have come! 


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