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How to Balance School with Fun this Summer

Posted by Sam Sottosanto on May 21, 2018 8:14:00 AM
Sam Sottosanto

balance school with fun joliet junior college jjc

Are you on the fence about taking summer classes because you aren't sure if you'll have enough time for fun? Set your worries aside - because there are easy ways to create a schoolwork/life balance! Take a look at our five tips to see how easily you can balance school with fun this summer. 

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1. Plan out your time and stick to a schedule.
Choose a consistent time each day for homework and do the same for your leisure time. Stick to this schedule and set realistic goals.

balance school with fun joliet junior college jjc stick to a schedule

2. Work ahead.
Have a project due in two weeks? Start on it early so that you don't waste valuable time working on it right before the deadline. 

balance school with fun joliet junior college jjc work ahead

3. Take all your summer classes during the same summer session.
If you only take classes during the first session (May into June), you'll be done with school before the Fourth of July. If you wait until the third session (July into August), you'll have the entire month of June free. Both of these options give you over a month of summer vacation without class.

balance school with fun joliet junior college jjc the same semester

4. Prioritize.
Make a list of the most important things you want to accomplish this summer, from acing your class to taking a road trip. Plan out the time you'll need to accomplish each task and give each one a level of importance. Make sure you accomplish the most important things first, then work your way down the list. 

balance school with fun joliet junior college jjc prioritize


5. Seek help if you're stressed out.
Feel like you have too much on your plate? Let your professor know - they may be more understanding than you expect. JJC also offers free counseling and tutoring. Make an appointment with Mental Health Services or visit our Tutoring and Learning Center page to schedule time with a professional or peer tutor.

balance school with fun joliet junior college jjc seek help

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