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13 Services JJC Offers You That You Didn't Know About

Posted by Sam Ritz on Apr 3, 2017 8:01:55 AM


Did you know that as a JJC student, you have access to an abundance of services as you complete your college degree?

Whether you need financial assistance, emotional support, career advice, transfer tips or you're just looking for ways to become more involved, we offer a resource for just about every need. Below we've outlined 13 services to help you.

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How to Navigate Mainstreet

Posted by Sam Ritz on Sep 12, 2016 7:53:54 AM

Now that we’re knee-deep into September, there are a few things we can expect: pumpkin-flavored everything, taffy apples, the very first leaves to start changing color (the first day of fall is next week!), and at JJC – Mainstreet!    

This year, Mainstreet will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 14 and Thursday, Sept. 15. Mainstreet is a tradition here on campus - it's when many of JJC's clubs line up in booths along the C-Concourse so new and returning students can learn how to join them.

Getting involved in extracurricular activities is proven to to have a positive link to student attendance, high GPA, and high test scores.

Below, we’ve included a few tips on how to navigate Mainstreet this year:

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15 Rites of Passage for JJC Students

Posted by Sam Ritz on Aug 22, 2016 3:04:07 PM

Congratulations to all our new students this semester! We bet you're excited (and maybe even a little nervous) to be on campus for the first time. Now that you're finally a student here, there is so much you have to look forward to - and we've put together the ultimate guide! 

Here are 15 rites of passage you can expect to take part in during your time as a JJC student:

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What to Expect Your First Semester at JJC

Posted by Sam Ritz on Aug 15, 2016 2:11:45 PM

So, you've just signed up for your first semester at JJC and you're all ready to go for Aug. 22, down to the college-ruled notebooks, 3-inch binders and ballpoint pens. (There's still time if you haven't signed up for classes yet! Appy or register here.)

Being new to the school and maybe even college in general, we bet you're wondering what daily life is going to be like. After all, you are going to be spending a lot of time here in the coming months!

As we wait for classes to begin, we've put together a quick list for our first-time students - here's what you can expect your first semester at JJC.

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Why Attending Community College is One of the Smartest Decisions You Can Make

Posted by Sam Ritz on Aug 8, 2016 12:28:01 PM

Whether you’ve just graduated from high school or are looking to change careers, choosing the right college is a big decision. 

Our advice is simple. Ask yourself: what is your end goal? We’re going to guess that A.) you want to obtain a degree so you can earn enough to live comfortably, and B.) you want to work in a field you’re passionate about.

As the nation's first public community college, take it from us - community colleges can provide those two things for you whether you choose to transfer or not. 

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In Case of a School Emergency, Do You Know What To Do?

Posted by Kelly Rohder on Nov 4, 2015 2:38:00 PM

While you may have your fingers crossed for a mild winter, its always a good idea to be prepared for whatever the weather may throw at you – and that includes school closures. 

JJC uses an emergency alert system called RAVE to notify students and employees of any emergency situations (including snow days, dangerous situations on campus, and more.) Unless you’ve opted out of the system, you should receive immediate alert notices via email, home and mobile phones, text messages, the college homepage and the JJC Facebook and Twitter pages.

It’s important to remember which channels you’ve selected to receive the alerts, and to make sure your information is up to date. Don’t remember what’s listed? Have a new cell number? Checking and updating this information is easy.

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Mistakes to Avoid Your First Semester at College

Posted by Michelle Nagy on Sep 21, 2015 8:25:00 AM

Everyone makes mistakes, but here are a few to avoid your first semester. If you’re already doing some of these, 'tisk-tisk,' -  BUT there’s still time to turn it around!

Assuming you’re the smartest person in the class: Maybe you earned straight A’s or took honors classes in high school (Kudos), but college is a completely different beast. Don’t make the mistake of coming to class expecting to coast because, “it’s only community college.” Community college classes are no easier than 4-year university classes. (That's why the credits transfer) Sloppily pulling together a paper the day it's due, or blowing off studying for even just one test can mean you working double time to make up for it the rest of the semester.
Skipping class: Come ooon, where else can you learn from an actual instructor, ask questions on-the-spot or even get the inside scoop on test questions. Plus you’ll be putting in valuable face-time with your instructors, which may come in handy if you need extra help down the line. At the very least, think of your classes like a gym membership – you’re paying for it anyway, so you might as well go!

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Attending a Community College is No Joke

Posted by Mike Hernandez on Sep 8, 2015 9:18:46 AM

For those of us who attend or work in a community college and watch sitcoms like Modern Family, we cringe when we hear the Dunphys threaten to send Haley to community college because she can’t make it at a “real” college.  But sitcom kidding aside, the truth is on some level, they’re right. Community colleges are a great place for students who either struggled at other colleges, or are undecided on their career path.  

For example, at Joliet Junior College, we have an entire department dedicated to student success. This department includes counseling, tutoring, career services, and more – and their jobs are all about helping students – period. 

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What You May Not Know About JJC

Posted by Michelle Nagy on Aug 31, 2015 10:59:00 AM
There’s always more to learn at JJC. Check out the infographic below to learn a few lesser-known facts about the college.

Striving to be the first is nothing new for JJC. Since becoming the nation’s first public community college in 1901, JJC has extended its offerings to 180+ degree and certificate programs, 30 clubs and six campus locations. Aside from servicing students, JJC is a resource to the community, offering theatre productions, a student-run restaurantplanetarium shows, concerts, art exhibits and more!

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Getting Involved is Easy at JJC

Posted by Pam Dilday on Aug 21, 2015 10:42:14 AM

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) is one of the offices on campus responsible for planning events and co-curricular activities for students. It’s easy to get involved and we have plenty to offer in a diverse array of clubs, activities and programs.

You can learn more about OSA programs by reading the OSA calendars posted in the bathrooms, around campus (can’t miss them on bright colored paper) and our digital signs. You can also find that info by checking your student email where a calendar of events are sent each month, or by stopping by D-1010 to request a calendar. 

Want more? Visit jjc.edu/campus-life/student-activities or stop by our office to request information on the 30+ clubs already planning activities for the upcoming year and to look into various programs. And don’t miss our biggest events of the year (many with free food and activities), including Welcome Week (Aug. 26-27), the Lunch Bunch Series, the Dine and Discuss Series with JJC Faculty, Leadership programs (with the opportunity to earn a $500 scholarship), MLK Week and more!

With so much available, we know it’s hard to keep track of everything. So this year we’re rolling out the NEW Passport to Student Success. These Passports – available in the OSA office – are loaded with helpful information like dates of events and programs offered by various offices on campus. And did we mention that there are prizes for attending events?

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