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5 Non-Credit Certificates You Can Earn at JJC That Will Land You A Job

Posted by Sam Sottosanto on Jul 8, 2019 8:08:00 AM
Sam Sottosanto

5 Non Credit Certificates you can earn at jjc that will land you a job joliet junior college

Want to get into the workforce quickly?

JJC offers a number of for-credit certificates (check out our list of 15 JJC certificates you can earn in one year or less) that will help get you into the workforce fast, but for some careers, there may be an even quicker option. Below, we list five non-credit certificates, offered through JJC's Corporate & Community Services Department, that provide you with job-ready skills and a training credential.

Even though these classes do not provide credit toward a degree program, you can promote them on your resume to help you land a job. In most cases, these classes will provide the training you need to qualify to take certification exams. 

Non-Credit Programs vs For-Credit Programs
Non-credit programs are short-term (typically lasting one semester or less) and provide job-ready skills. They do not count toward a college degree or college certificate. For-credit programs are more traditional and count toward a college degree or college certificate. 

Questions about these programs or others not listed here? Contact Training Coordinator Chris Lester at or call (815) 280-1423. You can also visit

dental assistant 5 Non Credit Certificates you can earn at jjc that will land you a job joliet junior college
1. Dental Assistant
This 60-hour non-credit course will help you prepare for an entry-level position as a dental assistant, one of the fastest growing health care professions. Dental assistants provide patient and office support—including making and confirming appointments, taking and recording medical and dental histories, sterilizing equipment and preparing treatment rooms, and much more. After completing the classroom sessions, you will have the option of completing a 40-hour clinical externship and qualify to take the DANB Certification Exam. Includes textbooks and supplies.

Cost: $1,399

Ready to register?
Call (815) 280-1555 or visit


medical coding 5 Non Credit Certificates you can earn at jjc that will land you a job joliet junior college
2. Medical Coder
According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the medical billing and coding field is expected to grow by 13 percent from 2016-2026. Medical coders work in a variety of settings. Responsibilities may vary depending on the type of facility, but most read and analyze patient records, assign and manage detailed codes for medical care, track patient data and ensure confidentiality. This class prepares you for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam. JJC has partnered with the Frankfort Chapter of the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) to offer this intensive course. This unique partnership offers hands-on training and access to a network of other certified medical coders. Includes textbooks, coding books, memberships to AAPC and the certification exam. 

Cost: $2,495

Ready to register?
Call (815) 280-1555 or visit

To learn about JJC's for-credit medical coding specialist certificate, click here.


pharmacy technician 5 Non Credit Certificates you can earn at jjc that will land you a job joliet junior college
3. Pharmacy Technician
As the U.S. population ages, the need for more pharmacy technicians will increase. This class will help you land an entry-level position and prepare you for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) offered by the National Healthcare Association. A pharmacy technician works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, performing tasks like entering prescriptions into a computer, verifying prescriptions, ordering medication and preparing medication inventories. Pharmacy technicians normally work in retail pharmacies or hospital pharmacies, but some work for health insurance companies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, nursing homes and the federal government. Students must be 18 and have received a high school diploma or GED to take the certification exam. Includes textbooks and supplies.

Cost: $995

Ready to register?
Call (815) 280-1555 or visit


process operations technology 5 Non Credit Certificates you can earn at jjc that will land you a job joliet junior college
4. Process Operator Technician
The Process Operator Technology program is a fast-track training program that includes 196-hours of classroom training, providing job-ready skills for a career as a process operator technician. Process operator technicians are employed in multiple industries, including agriculture, beverage, cosmetics, fertilizer, food, oil, paint and pharmaceuticals. They are responsible for ensuring the quality, efficiency and safety of the plant by overseeing the production process, monitoring and operating equipment, maintaining records and writing reports. Includes textbooks and supplies.

To learn more about this program, attend a free information session. Call (815) 280-1555 or visit to learn more.

Cost: $2,500

Ready to register?
Call (815) 280-1555 or visit


project manager 5 Non Credit Certificates you can earn at jjc that will land you a job joliet junior college
5. Project Manager Series
Get started on your Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification and grow the possibilities of landing a job in IT, manufacturing, finance, healthcare and more. A project manager leads a team in planning, executing and closing projects. The discounted series includes Complete Essentials of Project Management (MGT 7216), Advanced Project Management (MGT 7217) and Project Management Certification Exam Preparation (MGT 7218) — the three classes you need to earn the 35 contact hours needed to qualify and prepare you for the PMP® certification exam. Includes textbooks and supplies. 

Cost: $1,349

Ready to register?
Call (815) 280-1555 or visit


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