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15 Rites of Passage for JJC Students

Posted by Sam Ritz on Aug 22, 2016 3:04:07 PM

Congratulations to all our new students this semester! We bet you're excited (and maybe even a little nervous) to be on campus for the first time. Now that you're finally a student here, there is so much you have to look forward to - and we've put together the ultimate guide! 

Here are 15 rites of passage you can expect to take part in during your time as a JJC student:

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What to Expect Your First Semester at JJC

Posted by Sam Ritz on Aug 15, 2016 2:11:45 PM

So, you've just signed up for your first semester at JJC and you're all ready to go for Aug. 22, down to the college-ruled notebooks, 3-inch binders and ballpoint pens. (There's still time if you haven't signed up for classes yet! Appy or register here.)

Being new to the school and maybe even college in general, we bet you're wondering what daily life is going to be like. After all, you are going to be spending a lot of time here in the coming months!

As we wait for classes to begin, we've put together a quick list for our first-time students - here's what you can expect your first semester at JJC.

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Why Attending Community College is One of the Smartest Decisions You Can Make

Posted by Sam Ritz on Aug 8, 2016 12:28:01 PM

Whether you’ve just graduated from high school or are looking to change careers, choosing the right college is a big decision. 

Our advice is simple. Ask yourself: what is your end goal? We’re going to guess that A.) you want to obtain a degree so you can earn enough to live comfortably, and B.) you want to work in a field you’re passionate about.

As the nation's first public community college, take it from us - community colleges can provide those two things for you whether you choose to transfer or not. 

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A Behind the Scenes Look at JJC’s New Commercials

Posted by Sam Ritz on Aug 1, 2016 7:40:50 AM

Who hasn’t had second thoughts about choosing the right major

This is the fate of Michael, a slightly clumsy JJC student who is shown fainting at the sight of a needle and losing control of a fire hose (among other funny scenes), featured in our brand new Comcast commercials.

If you haven’t seen them on TV yet, head to our YouTube page or scroll down to the bottom of this blog. We had a lot of fun filming!

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Celebrate JJC's 115 Year Anniversary Through Photos

Posted by Sam Ritz on Jul 25, 2016 7:49:23 AM

JJC is celebrating a big milestone this year – it’s been 115 years since it became the first community college in the United States. That means our college has been around for an insanely long time! 

Just to show you how crazy that is:

  • There are only four people living in the world today that have been around for as long as our college has. 
  • Five years after the Olympics began (as we know them today), JJC started offering classes.
  • Our college has seen the Great Depression, two World Wars, and the rise of the Internet.
  • When JJC opened its doors, there were only 45 states in the U.S. (Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii weren’t a part of the club yet).
  • Women did not have the right to vote until 1920, 19 years after JJC first opened.

As we celebrate this outstanding anniversary, we’ve gathered a few #throwback photos from the past via the college’s yearbook archive

Joliet High School, 1901
The first Joliet Junior College classes were held at Joliet Township High School in 1901. 

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What Your Dog's Behavior Means

Posted by Sam Ritz on Jul 18, 2016 2:33:18 PM

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what your dog is thinking?

OK, so maybe your dog isn’t as crazy as the hilarious “Texts from My Dog” series (shown to the right), but you have to admit – don’t you wish that sometimes, you could sit down and have a real conversation with Princess, Max, or Buddy?

While having an actual conversation with your pet may seem far-fetched (pun intended), there may be one way you can get closer to figuring out what's really going on inside your dog's head.

At JJC, our vet tech students are better understanding what dogs are thinking via a behavior testing class, taught by professor Jan Walters.  

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JJC Students Study Abroad in Japan

Posted by Sam Ritz on Jul 12, 2016 12:39:36 PM

Anticipating an adventure, ten Joliet Junior College students eagerly boarded a plane for a study abroad trip to Matsuyama, Japan, earlier this summer. From touring shrines and castles to meeting new friends, JJC students immersed themselves in the culture and earned college credits by taking classes taught by JJC professor Nataliya Marchenko through Ehime University in Matsuyama. 

Read a collaborative blog below to see what the students experienced during their first ten days in Matsuyama, Japan. 

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Tips for Navigating the Joliet Regional Job Fair

Posted by Michelle Nagy on Apr 5, 2016 8:59:59 AM

Are you in the market for an internship or job? The Annual Joliet Regional Job Fair is a great place to start!

This year’s event takes place on Friday, April 8 from 1-4 p.m. at JJC (J-Building). There will be more than 60 local and national companies on site, including Home Depot, H&M, Walgreens, NAPA Auto Parts, Harrah's Joliet Casino & Hotel, Exelon and more.

If you plan to attend, make sure to dress in professional business attire, bring resumes, and come prepared for on-the-spot interviews.

Not sure if your resume is up to par, or need to brush up on your interviewing skills? We got you covered! Check out the videos below for helpful tips.

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JJC Faculty Head to Morocco

Posted by Michelle Nagy on Mar 30, 2016 11:55:58 AM

Thanks in part to a 2014 grant, a group of JJC faculty members recently explored the North African country of Morocco.

Tamara Brattoli (English and World Languages), Cristobal Trillo (Spanish and French), Mari Johnson (English and World Languages), Michael Hainzinger (English and World Languages) and Eva Murdoch (Natural Sciences) previewed the area ahead of eight JJC students who have signed up for the Morocco study abroad program in May. While there, they visited the cities of Tangiers, Fes, Marrakesh and Madrid, Spain.

Read on for first-hand accounts of their trip.

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JJC Veterinary Technology Students Head to Belize

Posted by Michelle Nagy on Feb 29, 2016 1:09:28 PM

Iguanas, boas, howler monkeys...oh my! On Feb. 27, 10 JJC students embarked on the learning experience of a lifetime through the Veterinary Medical Technology Belize Study Abroad program. 

The program introduces students to key topics in wildlife medicine in Central and South America, while teaching wildlife conservation, zoo medicine, and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. In addition to classroom time at the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic, students work hand-in-hand with veterinarians to care for the area’s tropical inhabitants.

Read on for first-hand accounts of daily life for veterinary technology students in Belize.

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